How to say “Goodbye”…

As his contribution to A Museum of Immortality, Tony Chakar stacked within a vitrine the collection of cassette tapes he can no longer use, because of the updated technology in his new car.

Lecture de Cassette

I found a little yellow piece of paper on the pavement not far from where I live. Hand written, on its two sides, were detailed instructions - in French - on how to operate a cassette player. As this  knowledge  is likely to soon become forgotten knowledge, you may want to bookmark this page for future reference


Michael Ridge’s Prototype C-Zero Cress Audio Cassette


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Cassette Memories

With the 50th anniversary year of the audio compact cassette nearing its end, Rinus van Alebeek (curator of Staaltape, the 21st century re-invention of Staalplaat’s early 1980’s cassette-label of the same name) collected a great many cassette memories by artists, that were and/or are, then and/or still and/or now, active in the global non-academic DIY art and/or sound and/or music avant-underground, that - largely thanks to the cheap and versatile means for recording, duplication and distribution offered by the handy magnetizable plastic ribbon-in-a-box - already before the advent of the web managed to produce a corpus of sound works of web-like proportion and entanglement.

The texts and pictures can be found in the second edition of Staaltape’s Staalzine.


The Art of the K7 (prelude)

… - … - About the some things that are certain - All the way to Neptune and back - Re/Vival - A justification for many, many, many thousands more words - The cassetteer and the DJ - A poor man’s thang - Why to love retro-chic poppers and hipsters - Did I say there is no Hell? - Audio slates - Frank Zappa’s ‘200 Motels’ and a Christmas dinner at granny’s - Not a one but a many - “Unto emptiness shalt thou return” … - …



"It would take, ladies and gentlemen readers, a spark of light - almost - 8 hours to travel from one end to the other; we could - almost - stretch this meta-tape all the way from here to Neptune and back again; playing it would take about 11.4 million years: if we hit play now, the meta-cassette’s playback will not stop before the time that the ring of debris around Mars has crashed upon the surface of that very planet. And then finally imagine: almost all of the music we’d hear coming from our meta-tape would be that of a mindboggling number of copies of Michael Jackson albums and similar top selling pop chart hits, endlessly repeating … So, did I say there is no Hell?"

[ The Art of the K7 (prelude) - SoundBlog ]

Soldiers in the Vietnam War

"…The cassette tapes, despite all their improvements, still sounded pretty bad compared to the reel tape and even the 8-Track. But it was soldiers in the Vietnam war that quickly embraced the cassette for its small size and ease of mailing to and from home. By the dawn of the ’70s, things began looking up …"

[ History’s Dumpster's History of the Cassette - via Michael Peeters ]


Vincennes ~ September 30th, 2013


('Vive Lou Ottens, même'    ||    'Long Live Lou Ottens, even')
A Large Glass, cf. av. de Paris ~ Mar. 7, 2013